Hurom Juice Green Energy

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018 2 comment(s)

Refresh Yourself - Hurom Green Energy


Soybeans 120 g

Spinach 60 g

Apple 320 g

How to

1. Take Soybeans soak in water 6-8 hours and boiled it.

2. Cut the Spinach of size 3-4 cm

3. Take out a seeds of apple and sliced out for 4 pieces

4. Take all ingredients Soybeans, Spinach and Apple drop in the machine.


We suggest you to take soybeans soak in water by room temperature. Such as when the weather is cold you should take soybeans soak in cold water, or the weather is hot you should take soybeans soak in cold water also keep it in the refrigerator. Then soybeans it’s not flabby.

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