Why should Hurom juice is good for health

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Why should Hurom juice is good for health

Which juices would you like to drink?


Freshly squeezed juice from High-Speed Juicer, Slow Juicer


Hurom presented various nutrients from juice just only deserve a good taste

And show you know why you decided to choose ' Hurom '




 1. Preserve enzyme from nutural ingredients

 High rotational speed will be damaged various nutrients 

At the same time Hurom can preserve the most various nutrients.

Hurom low rotational speed extract the enzymes of raw fruits and vegetables.

You can see a pictures for compare squeezed juice from High Speed Juicer and Slow Juicer.


Enzyme = Antioxidation


High speed juicer

Decreased various nutients. 


Slow juicer

Extract the enzymes of raw fruits and vegetables.


Freshly squeezed juice from High-Speed Juicer, Slow Juicer

(Hurom Biofood Research Institute 2014 )



Hurom juice including to enzyme from nutrient ingredients

Hurom slow juicer focused on preventing various nutrients and loss due to heat or oxidation

And stratification vulnerable to heat and oxygen.

(60 RPM not including hydrogen peroxide unless 10%)



2. Decrease the oxidation reaction

Hurom low rotational speed loss the oxidation reaction

So, Hurom juice serve the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Hurom Juice can be decrease Anti-Oxidation reaction

You can get all nutrients from natural ingredients.



Tomato juice squeezed from high rotational speed after change in 5 minute.

 High rotational speed can be damaged the cell wall in natural ingredients. 

Then color of ingredients has changed also you didn't get nutrients and taste of fruits,vegetables.


Tomato juice squeezed from low rotational speed after change in 5 minute.

Juice squeezed from Hurom didn't damaged the cell wall and preserve fresh in fruits,vegetables for  long times.


 Kim MJ, Kim JI. Kang MJ, Invalued the experiments fresh tomato squeezed from high speed juicer and slow juicer.

From Institue Food Sci.Biotechnol.2015

Freshly squeezed juice from High-Speed Juicer, Slow Juicer



3. High Absorption

 Hurom juice can serve to you high absorption

 And evade the  toxic in your body.

When you eluded the toxic from your body then can help you about well absorption    

Including to various nutrients Enzymes,Vitamins,Minerals,Phytochemicals and Dietary fiber.




4. Taste of nature

 Loss the oxidation reaction and eluded the toxic from your body

You can deserve a good taste of natural ingredients.

 Hurom low rotational speed not only preserve the nutrients but also serve fresh ingredients to you.



 3 Reasons why you choose 'Hurom slow juicer' 

1. Preserve enzyme from nutural ingredients 

Hurom low rotational speed can preserve most nutrients in fruits and vegetables. 

2. Decrease the oxidation reaction 

Loss the bubble of oxidation reaction taste and color from natural ingredients not changed. 

3. High Absorption

Eluded the toxic from your body and can help you about well absorption,increase the absorption sort by Lutein Carotene 3 1.5 level



5. Always Good health because you get the natural ingredients

 Hurom is juice is good for health


 Not add water or ice in glass for good taste. Hurom can serve the best for you.



 Hurom juice can preserves the best freshness of ingredients.

Noticed : Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 2015 No. 2015-93


Hurom preserves the freshness of ingredients

We always consider to your health. Hopefully you get the best nutrients and benifits all time.


 Hurom juice can serve the freshness of fruits and vegetables

Not add water or ice in glass for good taste. 


 Hurom slow juicer can preserve all enzyme of ingredients

 Sterilized and preserve all enzyme.


 Hurom help well Absorption

Ascaped the toxic from your body,preserved the nutrients.


Hurom serve to you good taste !

In a glass of juice that closely represents the wonders of nature.


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